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The Advantage of Bespoke Design

All businesses are different

Very different. So why would you want your website to look the same as the next one? This is often what happens when websites are built using a 'theme' with stock images. Many website designers create websites this way - we do not!

Bespoke has Advantages

A bespoke website, designed specifically for you, has many advantages over 'theme' based websites, some obvious and some not so. Did you know that bespoke responsive websites are generally faster loading than 'theme' based and 'Content Managed' websites? Fast loading responsive websites generally score higher on search engine results. We use Metadata as every good designer does, but because we code the website we also include Microdata straight into the code. Google loves Microdata.

Responsive Website Design

That’s why we build bespoke responsive websites that we can manage for you, by doing this, we can keep the images optimised (which is important) and the code slim – everything that Google loves.

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Google loves fast loading websites!

Bespoke Website Design